Monday, 7 June 2010

Making links with the Somali community

Ashkir, Jemma and Abdikayf at the SOCOPA (Somali Community Parents Association) centre in Evington, Leicester.

One of the workshops I'm really excited about after reading it is entitled "Entrepreneurship and Journalism with young refugees."

With over two years experience as a reporter myself, I was really keen to see how journalism might help enhance a young refugees life.

But I also thought it would be a great opportunity to connect TMC with existing communities in dense multi-cultural places such as Leicester city centre.

After a quick Google search I discovered SOCOPA (Somali Community Parents Association) in Leicester. Their website talks about running youth activities and after-school clubs and I wanted to find out more.

I finally got to put a face to the name I'd been emailing for the past fortnight today when I met Abdikayf, the centre's manager and youth worker Ashkir.

The pair were so welcoming to me and TMC's Participation Manager, Amanda McLaren, they even invited us for a game of table tennis with the young groups!

Ashkir is helping a group of 13 to 25 year-olds set-up a Somali newsletter for their community and surrounding area.
They're really interested in the work that we do at TMC and we look forward to working with them in the future.
We'll be speaking to them again after our visit to the summit and hopefully meeting up with young groups at the centre too.

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